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My life is a busy one, with lots (of currently very exciting) things going on.

I’m one of those people who has trouble sitting still. My mind is often frantic with plans, projects, ideas and 100 different things on the go. I have little time for rest and I like it this way – we only get one life, we need to fill every day and soak up as much as we can.

As Sophie would say – one life, live it.
Spinning so many plates all the time can sometimes be overwhelming but I’ve been trying to take some time out to really organise and plan my life – at work, in fitness, for this blog and at home.

Forcing my brain to focus on one task at a time has been, shall we say, educational, but doable by, doing some brain training to improve my cognitive flexibility and working memory, courtesy of Weight Watchers’ BrainBoost campaign.

BrainBoost is all about building a stronger, more focused mind to stay productive and make healthy food choices throughout the day, even when that day’s been hectic and you’re tired. You can find out your eating typology and life hacks for healthier eating on the BrainBoost website.

I’ve been practicing my hacks and seen some steady improvements in my general ability to just get shit done recently – I’m focused, more energised and stronger at r…

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