A New Diet is Not the Solution to Problems Created by a Previous Diet

Source: http://www.niashanks.com/diet-solution/

diet problemsHow many diets have you tried?

This is a serious question; take a moment to reflect on the answer.

How many? Several at the very least, right?

Why aren’t you still following the first diet you tried? Heck, why not the second, third, or possibly fourth diet?

These questions are posed to my clients and the most common answer is because the diet was too strict and unrealistic to practice for an extended period of time. For many the diet led to obsessive eating habits, and for some binge eating behaviors because they felt deprived from having a list of foods to avoid from said diet.

So they gave up. The diet was too strict, exhausting, sometimes expensive, and they abandoned the diet and began looking for the next big thing.

But here’s the crucial point …

Another diet is not the solution to problems created from a previous diet.

If your previous diet caused you to binge eat, develop disordered eating habits, made you obsess over everything you put in your mouth, led you to punishing yourself with exercise when you gave in to temptation, or other self-defeating actions then why would you look for another diet to fix these issues?

It’s worth repeating: another diet can’t fix the problems from a previous diet.


What do you think?