A Water Meditation to Connect with Your True Self

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We are over 70% water, so when we are in water, we feel at home and amongst family.  We feel like ourselves. This meditation reminds you of your true nature, of who you truly are. When you say to yourself “I am”, the mind asks “I am what?” It is often followed by emotions or descriptive words, such as, happy, tall, sad, a mother, a wife, etc.  This meditation replaces common, mundane identifications with a powerful statement that helps you build your true identity by reminding you of your infinite qualities.

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This guided session is led by Anne Koller, a Kundalini yoga instructor and water healer at AQUA in New York City, and was created by Hari Kaur Khalsa, author of A Woman’s Book of Meditation: Discovering the Power of a Peaceful Mind.




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