Best Articles of 2015: My Picks


Yesterday I highlighted the most popular articles of 2015 as dictated by page views and overall traffic. Today I want to highlight MY favorite articles from this past year.

Because it’s all about me, me, me, ME.

I have no idea why the ones listed didn’t resonate the first time through.

It’s probably all my fault anyways. I never pay close attention to SEO or “click bait” blog titles. I mean, if I really wanted to make sure people clicked on every post I’d title them “Why Bicep Curls Increase Your Testosterone Levels 818%.” for the guys or “Henry Cavill Talks About His Feelings” for the ladies.

Nevertheless, the articles below are some of my favorites from this past year. Don’t judge them by their lame titles….;o)

1. 13 Words That May Help Change Your Life

“Scare the shit out of yourself. It’s the only way to do it.”

2. Assessing Our Assessments: Shoulder Flexion

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What do you think?