Coca-Cola reveals who it funds in England—organizations, researchers, other individuals


Last Friday, Coca-Cola UK joined its US counterpart in revealing the names of the organizations, researchers, and individuals it funds and the amounts it pays for these services.

As Jon Woods, General Manager of Coca-Cola Great Britain and Ireland, explains:

Earlier this year, my colleagues in the US published a list of the health and wellbeing partnerships, research and individuals funded there, dating back to 2010. In October, I committed to do the same and today we have published the details of what we have funded in Great Britain.  I believe this is the right thing to do…The total amount of funding we have provided in GB since 2010 is £9,328,095.

Like the US list, which has been analyzed extensively by Ninjas for Health, this one is interesting to read.

Here is a small sample from the list of organizations:

Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council — £20,000
British Dietetic Association — £5,600
British Feeding & Drinking Group Annual Meeting — £1,200
British Nutrition Foundation — £33,000

A sample from the list of scientists and other individuals (not otherwise identified, alas):

Fiona Hunter
Prof. Ken Fox
Lynne Garton
Dr. Geoffrey Livesey
Dr. Sigrid Gibson
Dr. David Haslam
Prof. Marion Hetherington
Penny Hunking
Angie Jefferson
Prof. Ian Macdonald

I’m sure British public health advocates will have fun looking up what these people have said about sugary drinks an…

What do you think?