Here's Why Everyone Should Eat More Cereal


Sometime in the last decade we got the message that cereal wasn’t really “part of a complete breakfast.” (Sales are down 13 percent in the last 10 years.) We turned to Greek yogurt, smoothies, and even breakfast pizzas. Those options provide a heaping dose of nutrients, but most lack a very important one: fiber.

And as this article from Quartz explains, most Americans aren’t getting enough fiber in their diets, which is a problem considering all the health benefits it brings to the table, including:

Lowering risk of heart disease and diabetes.1 Reducing appetite.2 Decreasing likelihood of obesity.

The quick (and obvious) solution? Eat more cereal! Sure, not all types are created equal—Cookie Crisp and Cocoa Puffs don’t have much fiber, but the cereal aisle is packed with options that do. (Interestingly enough, the crunchy stuff was first invented as a health product.) Check out the rest of the breakfast food’s crazy history as well as its weight-loss benefits on Quartz.

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