How to start running and fall in love with it


FitBits | running over Beachy Head Seven Sisters

My best friend wife went for her first ever run this week and I feel like a gushing proud parent. After years of laughing at me for totally getting off on running, getting up early to bosh out a seafront plod or even taking my running shoes to Glastonbury for a dose of festival endorphins, she’s finally dipped her toes in the water and downloaded the Couch to 5k app.

You have no idea how much this excites me.

She’s gonna get to experience so much. That first time she’ll run for 10minutes non-stop. Then 20. Then complete a full 5k. Then parkrun, her first race, and who knows what else. It’ll be hard, and sometimes she won’t want to run, but hopefully she still will, and every time she runs that little bit further she’ll feel invincible.

And one day, it’ll just click, like it did for me, (and you?) and she’ll be running and suddenly everything will be beautiful in the world, and her favourite track will come on, and the sun will come out (or heavens open), and a supermassive grin will creep over her face.

And right there, she’ll fall in love with running.

(Pretty please 🙂 )

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