Source: http://www.thefitbits.com/2015/10/race-report-bright-10.html

**WARNING** Euphoric, endorphin-filled Tess on the loose. Post may contain unhealthy levels of running love. 


We all know that running is awesome. But what makes running even more awesome? Running with friends, that’s what. 

Today’s inaugural Bright10 was an exciting new addition to the Brighton race calendar, drawing a huge crowd and lots of noise on social media. Mixed opinions have been aired about ‘yet another seafront run’, with some – me included – questioning why they’d pay to race a route they run in training almost daily.

That question got answered for me today, and I’m hoping it did for many others too.  

 Smells like team spirit
There are two reasons that make running in Brighton so special – the scenery, and the community. There really is nothing like running a race where every other person shouts your name, gives a thumbs up, screams ‘BOSH’, ‘come on’, or pushes you not to give up.

When every mile you pass is accompanied by the cheers and praise from your ‘team mates’, on the sidelines, and alongside you on the course.

When you’…

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