Summer Tomato Holiday Wish List 2015


Photo by qousqous

Photo by qousqous

Happy holidays fellow foodists!

For me, holiday shopping is one of those things that sends me hyperventilating into a paper bag. I feel like no matter how much time I spend trying to find the perfect gift, it always just falls flat. It stresses me out so much that I don’t even like receiving gifts, since they just make me feel bad about my own failed purchases. Ugh.

What I’m great at though is knowing what I like. After all these years there are actually very few things that I regularly use to keep myself healthy, so I feel confident about all these gift ideas if you’re shopping for the foodist in your life. Better yet? You don’t have to fight the crowds to get them.

Best of luck and have a lovely holiday season.



Summer Tomato Holiday Wish List 2015
Foodist Kitchen gift membership $99

By far the most important skill I’ve developed in getting healthy is being able to cook at home regularly, and for me that meant learning to whip something up without a recipe. If you know anyone who struggles to find their way around the kitchen but really wants to learn, my program Foodist Kitchen is the perfect gift.

Foodist Kitchen helps you learn to cook without recipes in 30…

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