This Video Captures the Ridiculous Things You See at the Gym


Sometimes all we need is a little distance to fully realize the ridiculousness of the world we live in. That’s exactly what happens when you watch this video about the gym that’s been filmed like a wildlife documentary, complete with a Morgan Freeman-like voiceover. At six minutes, the video is a little long—and the Internet has done wonders to our attention spans—so if you only have time for the highlights, fast forward to these gems:

0:23: “A female human stirs. Her emergence marks the beginning of the New Year’s resolution-ers.” 1:32 “The human males, like the peacocks and other exotic birds of the wild, spread their arms wide and prance around in hopes of intimidating other males, and in the process attracting a suitable mate.” 3:21: “We also have the more vocal group who yell and grunt in order to seek attention from all surrounding homo-sapiens.” 5:02: “Unlike other species, such as the felines who clean up after themselves, these humans have left the gymnasium a wasteland of un-racked weights, dripping sweat stains, [and] unnecessarily soiled towels.” …

What do you think?