Why 99% of Diet Plans Really Fail (Hint: It’s Not Dessert)

Source: http://www.bornfitness.com/why-diet-plans-really-fail/

The question hit my inbox and I could only shake my head.

I’m pretty worried right now. Every time I want to enjoy eating out, being social, or even the holidays, all the diet plans I try just stress me out. How do I make this work without losing my mind?

The question was fair but frustrating, and only because he was one of 100 people to ask almost the same question.

I could only wonder and regret, “How the did we get to this point?”

This “point” is a place where the most commonly held belief is that fitness and nutrition are black and white. “Healthy eating” and most “diet plans” are experienced as an overwhelming and depressing shade of stressful perfection, oftentimes created by popular diet books. Ask most people, and they believe the most effective diet and training plan consists of two primary concepts:

You can’t indulge and still look great
You must train or exercise all the time to be fit, look great, and be healthy.

The healthiest diet plans and most effective nutrition strategies focus are not about superfoods, scapegoats, or supplements. Rather, if there’s one reality that we see in research (from Atkins to The Zone), consistency, sustainability, and patience are the foundations of a good plan and prevent diet failure. And when done right, any diet and fitness plan should be built to withstand desserts, days off, and daiquiris. (Yeah, I said daiquiris. I guess…

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