23 Easy Crock-Pot Desserts

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Ah, mighty Crock-Pot. Maker of crazy delicious breakfasts, Paleo stews, savory meals that will last all week, and crowd-pleasing cocktails. Is there anything you can’t do?

This list of incredibly simple yet tasty desserts proves the answer is no. From lava cakes and bread pudding to lemon bars and cobblers, these recipes use real, whole ingredients, take less than 20 minutes to prep, and most are healthier than what you’d normally be noshing on to satisfy your sweet tooth. There are a few exceptions, but at first glance, you’ll understand why leaving them off this list was out of the question.


Strawberry Basil Cobbler

Photo: The Cookie Rookie

1. Strawberry Basil Cobbler

Hosting a dinner party anytime soon? Guests will love this to-die-for cobbler. Plus, it’s easy to prep beforehand and let cook in the Crock-Pot while you make the rest of the meal. Basil is an unexpected and delicious accent flavor, and any dessert you can top w…

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