27 Healthy Desserts You Can Make in a Blender

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Soups, sauces, and smoothies are pretty standard fare for a blender. Now, expand the handy kitchen appliance’s repertoire to include dessert! Yep—you can make anything from raw pies to cookie batter using this multifunctional machine, and we’ve found 27 healthier sweet treat recipes that use it for at least one step during their preparation (and amazingly enough, oftentimes the only step). Whether you own a standard or state-of-the-art version, your blender will start earning its counter space after giving these a go.

Cakes and Pies

1. Paleo Plantain Apple Cake

Photo: Goodie Godmother

1. Paleo Plantain Apple Cake

No more staring at plantains at the supermarket without a clue how to use them—pick up a couple of these zinc and beta carotene-rich cousins of the banana, throw them in the blender along with apples, eggs, and spices, and whirl them into gluten-free cake batter. Thanks to the natural sugars from the fruit, only a third of a cup of maple syrup is needed to achieve the perfect light sweetness in the baked results.</…

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