A Yoga Sequence to Inspire a New Beginning

Source: http://www.sonima.com/yoga/new-beginning/

With the inauguration of a new calendar year comes the invitation for fresh thinking. It’s our time to ignite. In honor of the palpable potential a new beginning brings, we yogis can use our bodies in tandem with our breath to mark the transitions mindfully. This sequence is designed to stimulate the metabolism, generate heat, and rid the body of excess. It is a playful series that will strengthen the core, detoxify from the old, and open into the new.

It takes strength and trust in oneself to be willing to begin again; starting new is no easy task. This yoga sequence asks us to be brave: to let old stories melt away, and find transformation in our physicality. Use the breath to move into a conscious state of presence. Each exhale is a letting go. Each inhale is an opening. The movements in between are yours for expression. Repeat all poses to both sides and breathe with intent.

Down Dog Split

1legddShareTweetPlusPinFrom Downward-Facing Dog, gracefully lift one leg long and straight. Square the hips and draw the toes back to activate the entire leg.

Down Dog Split with Bent Leg


Slowly bend the knee and…

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