Carb Cycling for Fat Loss: 3 Ways to Use Old School Dieting to Get Shredded


cerrbcylinSince the early days of bodybuilding, nutrition has been the key to a great physique.
Wanna get huge? You gotta eat more. 

But today, people tend to get caught up in the small details: clean eating vs. IIFYM. Low-fat vs. no fat. Gluten-free or non-GMO. The list goes on.

Each of these have their own important distinctions, but for the majority of us, we just need a simple solution to getting amazing results.

That’s where this article comes in. 

As someone who appreciates the traditional, bro-style methods of physique sculpting, I want us to journey back to the old school. While it may not be the hot topic of the industry anymore, carb cycling is still an incredibly effective practice, one that deserves another look.

What is Carb Cycling?
Carb cycling refers to varying your carbohydrate intake on a day-to-day basis.

Just like flexible dieting, carb cycling is nothing more than a method of eating that can be used in any diet. If the total calories are right, it works. It doesn’t matter if you eat six meals a day or practice intermittent fasting, you can cycle your intake of carbohydrates.

At the core, carb cycling is just another (easy to follow) approach to nutrition; there’s nothing magical about it. 

Why Carb Cycling Works

There are …

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