Charleston Bound!


This morning, Matt and I are flying south to Charleston, South Carolina for the weekend! As you guys know, we’ll be there to run the Charleston Half Marathon, for which we are being very kindly sponsored by my friends at Cabot (they will be at the race feeding the volunteers). You can see what we’re up to – and how the race goes – on Instagram, Twitter, and/or Facebook before I pop back in here with a recap next week. :) It will be fun to have a little weekend getaway together!


So, what are my race goals? I’m going into the race with the aim of setting a new PR (personal record) and am planning to start out at my goal pace (under 7:54 minutes/mile) and just see how it feels. If it’s not my day, that’s okay and I’m not going to beat myself up about it – but I’m going to do my best to stay positive, enjoy the views, and hold on to that pace for dear life. 😉

What do you think?