Charleston Half Marathon 2016 Race Recap


If you’re looking to do a January half or full marathon next year, want to escape from cold weather/snow, and are looking for a well-organized non-massive race with a pretty course – put the Charleston half/full marathon on your list.

charleston half marathon

As you guys know, Matt and I were extremely fortunate to have been sponsored by our friends at Cabot to run this race, and they very generously gave us bibs for the race and covered our flights and hotel. Cabot was going to be at the race feeding the volunteers, and emailed me a few months ago asking if Matt and I would be interested in running the race as a fun offshoot to my work with them over the past few years (I’ve been on their Cabot Fit Team twice now, and have done some other projects with them as well). I was surprised that Matt was into the idea of doing another half marathon (this was his second – the first was the Pittsburgh Half Marathon in 2014) – the fact that it was in Charleston was a nice bonus. We’d been looking forward to this weekend away for a long time now! And yes, we are twinning in the photo below. I got dressed first, so I blame Matt. <img src…

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