Does the Mind Really Create the Body? Reverse Engineering Arnold’s Claim in The Year 2016


PumpingIron“It is the mind that creates the body.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger, Pumping Iron

Remember Arnold’s famous words in his 1979 big screen debut?

If you haven’t seen Pumping Iron, you need to move it to the top of your to-do list immediately. 

I remember hearing him saying it when I was 16 years old and thinking, “Can my mind create my body, and WTF does that even mean?”

Well, after years of research, I’ve gained some new insights into Arnold’s assertion. When he said this, he was specifically talking about the aesthetics of the body, i.e. sexiness. And how do you create a sexy body? 

It can be wildly subjective, obviously, but for most people, this means increasing muscular size and losing body fat. 

The question then becomes: can we prove that this can, at least, be partially done by using the power of our minds? 

The overwhelming answer: Yes. 

Great news, right? Let’s take on the first half of this question.

Can You Increase Muscular Size?

During my college football days, I experimented with all types of performance enhancers; one of my favorites was visualization. When it came time to test our maxes, I’d sit down on the bench and go through 1-2 minute visualizations of myself successful…

What do you think?