Finding my fit after Christmas


FitBits | Eating healthily in January
I’m on a roll this week. 
After a shaky start going back to work, with tired, watery eyes and relentless caffeine and sugar withdrawal headaches for two days, my body and mind settled back into routine and I’m pleased to say we’re both out the other side.

I wanted to go back to work alert, productive and full of energy, and the only way to do that was to get off the coffee and pull the plug on the Fererro Rocher breakfasts and red wine afternoons I’d gotten so used to. (Tell me not to indulge at Christmas at your peril).

It wasn’t just the caffeine and chocolate dependency that had to go this week. Chez Agnew is hereby an alcohol free zone, and has been since New Year’s Day. We went out for dinner last night without wine and survived to tell the tale. Who knew.  

It’s been a week of cleansing, healthy meals (i.e. real food, none of that juice detox BS), and full on fun and escapades getting back on the exercise wagon, ticking off multiple To Do lists along the way.

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