Frequent Emoji Users Have More Sex (and Other Fun Dating Stats)


Are you a big fan of emojis? Then perhaps you’ve come up with some—shall we say “alternative”—uses for the peach and eggplant? A recently released survey by found that people who used emojis more often also had more active sex lives.

The survey also found that we have some go-to smileys when we’re looking to get it on. The wink, blushing, and kissy faces were most popular.

popular emojis Photo:

On the flip side, there are emojis we tend to avoid when flirting. The least popular are the “information desk person,” lips, and see-no-evil monkey (but we love that one!).

least used emojis Photo:

These special characters are helping us outide the bedroom too. According to the survey, emoji users are twice as likely to tie the knot than their non-using counterparts.

The survey looked at other aspects of dating in our hyper-connected world, including the biggest social media turnoffs. Topping the list:…

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