Herbal Nursing Mom Tea Recipe

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I had a slight panic moment the other day when I realized (while drinking my pregnancy tea) that I will have a newborn in a month or so (nesting is now in hyperdrive).

With a precious new little one comes baby coos and tiny clothes and breastfeeding. I love the newborn phase but the early days of nursing are always a little tough for me and I feel that it is harder to get enough calories and nutrients when I’m nursing a baby.

This time, I’m prepared ahead of time as I’ve mixed up a batch of nursing mom tea to have on hand when this little one makes an entrance. I’ve also been busy getting my birth kit in order, eating dates (I’ll keep you posted on that one!), obsessively cleaning (nesting for the win!) and optimizing all of these factors to help make labor easier!

Nursing Mom Tea

Pregnancy is a time of extra demand and nutrient need for the body. Labor is a physically demanding time on the body. Breastfeeding is also a time of increased demand and nutritional need. All in all, having a baby is a couple years of wonderful exhaustion, and while it is easy to focus on the beautiful baby, it is also important for us, as moms, to nourish an…

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