How Mindfulness Is Emerging in MBA Programs


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It’s no myth that mindfulness in the workplace will one day transform the way we do business. When employees begin to approach their jobs with more clarity and purpose, they will inevitably become more productive and thoughtful in their decision making. This is why industry giants like Target, Google, Ford, Aetna, General Mills, and Goldman Sachs have already adopted these practices within their office walls. What’s next? Taking this trend-turned-movement a step further are schools, especially at the university and graduate level, that are embracing its principles and sharing them with America’s future corporate leaders.

Martin Davidson, a Johnson and Higgins Professor of Business Administration at University of Virginia’s Darden Graduate School of Business, is one such pioneer in higher-education who is hoping to instill the value of investing in this mental tool in all his MBA students. In this video interview, Sonima’s founder, Sonia Jones, sits down with Davidson to discuss why he’s bringing mindfulness to his classrooms and how he hopes it will benefit his students.

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