Is Your Partner Bad for Your Health?


Goals like getting up for morning jogs, hitting the gym after work, or sticking to healthy meals can be tough. And when someone we care about doesn’t support us, those goals become even more difficult. But should you leave your significant other simply because he or she doesn’t get your yoga obsession? The truth is, conflicting health habits are often manageable, but occasionally they can be the sign of a much deeper problem.

The Need-to-Know Couple Talking

It’s science: Romantic partners who exercise together stick with their relationships and their exercise plans for longer than those whose routines diverge. Plus, sharing an exercise high can make partners feel closer, increase a woman’s sex drive, and even lead you to burn more calories.1 But not all duos are each other’s best allies when it comes to staying healthy. One survey of gym-goers in Boston and Washington, D.C. found nearly half of them have partners who think their gym sessions are unnecessary.

The survey also found a partner’s lack of support was a huge barrier in sticking to fitness goals. (Think: “You’re going to the gym now? But I really wanted to grab a drink tonight.”) Face it: Any situation involving healthy habits and love could get complicated.

But should that added complication be a de…

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