Researchers Are Trying Some Crazy Sh!t (Literally) to Help With Weight Loss


We’ve poo-pooed diet pills in the past, but poop in pill form could be a weight loss solution in the future. An upcoming study will test if transferring fecal microbiota (the tiny bacteria in poop) from thin to obese people helps them lose weight. Some lucky participants will take pills that contain freeze-dried fecal matter, while others are given a placebo containing a mixture of cocoa powder and gelatin (you know, so everyone feels included and the study remains scientifically sound).

It may sound crazy, but research has already found links between the bacteria in your gut and how much you weigh. Scientists believe it may be affecting important things like your blood sugar regulation and response to hunger. (Plus, the switcheroo resulted in weight loss when it was tested on mice.1 ) This begs the question: Would you take a poop pill to lose weight?

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