Snowy Fitness + Food Highlights


Hey friends! On the fitness front this week, it started alllllll about the shoveling.

how to get a workout when snowed in

Who else has been counting “shovel ALL the snow” as their main form of fitness lately?! Saturday, Sunday, and Monday were filled with shoveling. It is a serious workout!

shoveling snow fitness

Yesterday I ditched the shoveling, made it back downtown to my coshared office, and treated myself to a lunchtime yoga class. The class was packed – everyone else had the same idea! Stretching out was necessary and felt great.

As for this morning, I gave the Winter Shape Up week 1 workout a try! I did 3 rounds of just the strength portion and then counted my snowy walk to the metro as my cardio. Whew – it was legit! Quick and sweaty. Have you tried it yet? Don’t …

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