The Fat Loss Diet and Workout Program You Tried Completely Failed. This is What You Should Do.


achieve sustainable fat lossphoto: some rights reserved by Chris Morin

Many have already abandoned their “this time is different, this time I’m going to lose fat” New Year’s resolution.

The most likely reason is because the plan they executed was a recycled version of the same ole thing most people do around January 1: go on a strict, all-or-nothing diet coupled with a grueling workout program. This proved to be too impractical, stressful, and even time consuming, so people give up shortly after starting.

There are several reasons why this happens:

Vowed to be “perfect”: people (you?) proclaim to stick to the program without any deviation. Inevitably, life happens, or you just want a damn piece of pizza, you “go off the plan” and feel like a complete failure and give up entirely.
Changed too much at once: do too much too soon and your chances of failure are high.
Focused too much on the goal: most obsess over the final goal (e.g. weigh a certain amount, achieve a certain percentage of body fat). While this may provide short-term motivation, it quickly wanes as the rigid diet and grueling workouts accumulate.

What then is the solution to sustainable fat loss? (The word sustainable is crucial – if you can’t sustain the fat loss, what’s the point?)

The answer …

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