The Secret That Laid-Back, Always-Happy Guy Knows That You Don’t


Happy Guy

“Most folks are as happy as they make their minds up to be.” ~Abraham Lincoln

Have you ever wondered, “How is that guy always so laid back and freaking happy all the time, no matter what is going on around him?”

It might be a co-worker, a friend, or a family member, but almost everyone has somebody whose baseline level of happiness is just higher than almost everyone else.

I certainly do. Although I have known a few people that fall into this category, the one that stands out most is a friend I met my freshman year in college in my dorm. I’ll call him Andy.

Andy smiled all the time. A huge smile. Raining outside, smiling. Test didn’t go that well, smiling. From the moment I met him, he gave a big handshake with an equally big and goofy smile. When I picture Andy, I always picture him smiling.

It was certainly annoying at times. When I wanted to brood over a test gone bad or a girl I couldn’t get to notice me, smiling Andy made it nearly impossible. But I mostly just wanted to know why he was always so happy so I could be annoyingly cheery too.

Is Andy and the rest of his ilk just delusional?

No, (at least not exactly), they actually know something you don’t, and I’m going to let you in on it. But first, let’s talk about you….

What do you think?