Watch This Badass CrossFitter Channel Beyoncé to Challenge Stereotypes


Get ready to grin from ear to ear. This video of CrossFit athlete Khan Porter dancing to “Single Ladies” as he gets ready for a snatch makes us want to pop, lock, and drop it too.

But the video isn’t just eye candy. The Australian athlete has an important message to share: We’ve come a long way in how we think about masculinity. (After all, the response to his video has been overwhelmingly positive.) But guys still feel pressured to show a steely toughness, and they’re often chastised when opening up about personal struggles (see: “you’re being a pussy.”) “Just as it’s OK for blokes to dance, it’s OK for them to battle mentally and emotionally sometimes too,” Porter writes in a post on Facebook. “If a bunch of people can watch a 25-second video, surely they can also spare the time to ask one of their mates if everything is OK.”

What do you think?