A Yoga Sequence for Deep Hip Opening

Source: http://www.sonima.com/yoga/yoga-for-tight-hips/

It’s said that our relationships are stored in our hips. What exactly does that mean? If we have tight hips are we bad lovers? Do our tight hips tell us something about our ability to communicate and let people in? Perhaps. Or perhaps we run too much, or our parents have tight hips.

While we can’t scientifically pin down a correlation between tightness in the hips and our success in relationships, we do know that when we are in stressful situations (“fight or flight” occurrences), we engage our emotional muscles, and we tighten our hips. On a psycho-spiritual level, the hips are the seat of our sexuality and our individuality, both of which are deeply enmeshed in our connectivity to others.

In thinking about relationships with others, we must also think about the relationship we have with ourselves, which is of course not solely relegated to our ego self coming to terms with our unmasked self.

The tighter our hips, the tighter the lower back; with tension amassing in these regions, the psoas is prone to shortening, making it harder to walk, sit, stand, and practice.

The following yoga poses will massage, open, and lubricate the hips for maximum comfort, and ultimate transformation.

Downward Dog Split

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