Call in Well Day


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Over the past couple years, I’ve been working hard to promote self care – not only for my AnneTheRD clients, but also for myself.


Owning your own business is awesome and I love what I do, but it also means it’s hard to stop working. A couple years ago I was basically running myself ragged. I had WAY too much on my plate, and after spending client sessions talking about slowing down and being more mindful, I felt like a phony.

I remember one night back in spring of 2013 Matt and I were hanging out at home and I randomly burst into tears. Intense, can hardly breathe, not cute tears. “I’m just so overwhelmed,” I said in between sobs.

The next day, I knew it was time to stop crying and do something about it. I decided to stop teaching once the semester finished out (I taught the Basic Nutrition course at George Washington University in the spring of 2013). I decided to leave my gig as a sports dietitian with an outside organization. I started a w…

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