Early Morning Run and Unique Steak Tacos

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Hey friends! I was up early this morning for the first time in awhile to meet up with my track group! Yay for it starting to get slightly brighter in the mornings again – the end of winter is (kind of) in sight!

washington lee track early morning run

The track looks clear of snow, right? Well, it was, finally, and we were excited – but then we realized it was covered in a sheet of ice – guess the rain yesterday can be blamed for that. Womp, womp.

So instead, we took our workout to the parking garage next door and used the covered lower level as our track. Not my favorite – it’s loud and kind of gross in there – but we made it work. There’s a loop that’s almost exactly 0.25 miles, although it has the added challenge of multiple on/off ramps (hills). The coaches had us do six 800’s (a half mile, or two laps) with a minute or two of rest in between each. 3 miles later, we were done. It felt really tough today – not sure if it was because of the surroundings, or the added ramp hills, or the fact that I have been slacking on the running since the Charleston Half Marathon – but either way it was good t…

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