How to Stay Warm This Winter for Less Than $20


It's Better Than a Snuggie ​Northpoint Cashmere Plush Velvet Throw

We’ve been through enough brutally cold winters to know how to put together the perfect hibernation kit. The essentials: a mindless but hilarious TV show to stream, cups and cups of your favorite tea or hot chocolate, and the coziest blanket you can find. We’ve got you covered on that last one.

The first time we wrapped ourselves up in the Northpoint Cashmere Plush Velvet Throw, it felt like a nice, warm hug. The next thing we knew, we had parked it on the couch all day—so when you pick a show, make sure it has a bunch of seasons. If you accidentally spill on yourself in the midst of a cliff-hanger, don’t worry. Just toss the blanket in a cold wash load of laundry, and find out what the dryer’s fluff setting was truly meant for.

Best of all? At $16.99, this throw is crazy cheap. We know what you’re wondering: Could something so inexpensive be cashmere, as the name implies? Nope. This throw is 100 percent polyester, but it feels just as soft as our favorite cashmere sweater, so we’ll let the false advertising slide.

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