Middle Eastern Herbed Chicken Wraps

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Taco Tuesday has passed, but you still have a stack of tortillas in the fridge. Put them to good use with this perfectly-seasoned, easy-to-make Middle Eastern Chicken Wrap recipe. In this cooking video, Sonima chefs Andy Clay and Laurent Large will show you how to prepare this feast that’s light, fresh and full of unique flavors, like za’atar. The fragrant and tangy spice blend, which you can buy pre-made or whip up at home, is generally a combination of ground dried thyme, oregano or marjoram mixed with toasted sesame seeds, sea salt, and the tart, lemony-flavored secret ingredient, sumac. If you’ve never tried za’tar or sumac, this is a great introduction to a popular Middle Eastern seasoning that translates so well on many dishes, including eggs, grilled vegetables, mashed avocado, fish, red meat, and pasta salads.

Photo by Matthew Aron Roth

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