New and Improved Group Training Membership


I’m excited to announce the re-branding of my previously referred to Premium Workout Group.

It’s a group I’ve been running on for a little more than a year now. It allows people who otherwise wouldn’t have “access” to me to be able to follow monthly, canned programming in a structured, periodized, and properly progressed fashion.

I wouldn’t say it trumps in-person coaching…but it’s a nice alternative. And the participants seem to enjoy it.1

From Ali, 61, Personal Trainer:

“Tony’s workouts via are well thought out and easy to follow with video instruction. Every month there is a new program so I am never bored. Not only have I gotten stronger with Tony’s programs, I have eliminated a couple of nagging aches and pains.”

From some dude named Han Solo:

“I’m not as young as I used to be. And if I’m going to be galavanting all across the galaxy in 12 parsecs or less, I have to be in tip-top shape. Tony’s Group Training Membership is exactly what I needed, and has allowed me to not only help defeat the Empire, but arm wrestle Wookies to boot. Tony’s the man!”


What do you think?