Nike's Hilarious New Web Series Is Surprisingly Realistic About Working Out


Move over Netflix. Nike just premiered its own fitness-centric original series, Margot vs. Lily. At first glance, it seems curious that a company known for its athletic apparel would venture into Orange Is the New Black territory. But after getting a sneak peak of four episodes (you can check out the first one below), we were surprised by how much we liked it.

The series tells the story of polar-opposite sisters: Margot, a socially awkward fitness vlogger, and Lily, a social butterfly who has no idea what a WOD is. In a classic sibling rivalry, each challenges the other to spend time in her shoes (maybe even literally—Nike is behind this, after all.) Margot is tasked with making more friends, and Lily has to start her own fitness channel.

At times, the costuming on the show feels a tad unrealistic. Margot and her dad wear head-to-toe Nike apparel (product placement!) throughout much of the first episode. But the super relatable characters and cheeky jokes make this show worth watching. Most of us have at least one friend who can’t stop talking about their latest sweat sesh and another who can’t think of anything more terrifying than a burpee.

Nike Margot vs Lily Photo: Nike

We love that neither character is perfect. Margot’s uber-regimen…

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