The Monthly Review


By Leo Babauta

I talked about the Year-End Reflection as a way to look back on your year, realize your accomplishments, solidify your learning … but that can take a lot of work, because we forget a lot of what we’ve done.

Enter the Monthly Review.

I just started doing this, actually, after realizing that my Year-End Reflection took a lot more work than it needs to. If I do a quick journal entry reflecting on every month, once a month, then it makes everything easier. Things are fresh in my mind. It doesn’t take that long.

So what I’ve done is just set a reminder for the beginning of every month to do my Monthly Review. Then I spend about 10 minutes that day looking over my past month:

Work I got done
Projects I’ve moved forward
Personal learning I’ve been working on
Health and fitness challenges I’ve been doing
Other big life events (some of them unexpected)
Things I’ve learned and want to remember
Hopes for the next month

I look through my calendar and notes and to-do lists and stuff like that, and it doesn’t take long. I highly recommend it!

This review helps me feel like I’ve accomplished something in just a month, and it lets me take a big-picture look at my life, something I might not be doing often enough. I can correct my course, refocus myself, or simply feel good about what I’m doing. And I love how whatever I learned doesn’t feel as fleeting anymore, becau…

What do you think?