This Free Tool Makes Netflix and Chill Even Better


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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. We could make a reservation at some swanky restaurant, but those romantic dinners never live up to the hype—every place is crowded, and we know the waiter is giving us side-eye because he’s not thrilled to be serving dozens of lovebirds. So we’ve decided to kick it at home this year. Now the big question is: What are we going to watch?

With thousands of shows available at the click of a button, you’d think there’d be a simple answer, but alas, the paradox of choice. We have an idea of what we’d like to watch, but can’t remember if we saw it on Amazon Prime, Netflix, or an ad on the subway. What about a quick trailer? Looks like we’re heading over to YouTube. And what did the critics have to say? Time to open another tab for Rotten Tomatoes. This search has us feeling like an FBI agent, and it’s getting stressful.

Thankfully we found JustWatch, a one-stop shop website for finding anything and everything you want to stream. You can look for a specific show or search by genre, release date, or rating to find options from dozens of streaming services. Once you settle on a movie or TV show, the free tool tells you which services have it (and if you’ll have…

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