This Zumba Dance Video Will Make Your Day (and Teach You Basic Moves)


When you think about Zumba®, you imagine people wearing brightly colored cargo pants with hip-shaking skills that could make Beyoncé (and her entire Formation) jealous. But there’s a reason this dance fitness class has such a loyal cult following: It’s totally uninhibited, so dancers of any level are encouraged to leave insecurities at the door and let loose.

Still, being a newbie in any class can be intimidating. So if you want to master a few basic Zumba® moves before you sign up, press play on the video below. You’ll follow along with two licensed Zumba® instructors as they break down (then speed up) three classic moves: the knee lift to arm sweep, grapevine with body wave, and core isolation shoulder pop. Not in the mood for dancing? We highly recommend watching anyway. It’s impossible not to smile while seeing these guys get down!

For more easy-to-follow Zumba® videos, check out their YouTube page.

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