White Collar take two: Punching fear in the face

Source: http://www.thefitbits.com/2016/02/white-collar-take-two-punching-fear-in.html

I’ve been putting it off for too long.
I’ve had my excuses – no time to dedicate to it, too much else to train for, not the right time – but really, if I’m totally honest, I was just too scared. Every time I went back to watch my friends have their moment I got jealous – I wanted to do it again but I let the excuses get in the way.

I’m still scared now, maybe even a little bit more so because I know what to expect. I don’t think I went into that ring the first time round totally prepared to actually fight. You can spar all you like, but nothing prepares you for what it feels like to fight your heart out.

Then there’s the first time you take a punch to the face, the stinging of the eyes and lump in throat; the absolute annihilation of your senses in the ring and complete battering of your body in training as you try to push out just one more punch, just one more squat jump, just one more press up.

Learning how to anticipate what’s coming whilst blocking punches throwing the right ones b…

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