2015: The year that ended perfectly :)

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I love writing these posts. 
I’ve been really looking forward to writing the 2015 review, and as I sit here on the sofa, the family in various states of consciousness around the house, I’m excited to delve into this year and all it gave to me. 
I said last year was my best year yet, and it was the year that I married my best friend, so I can’t really let it top that. But it’s bloody close… 
2015 has been a year of firsts – the first time I ran a strong 26.2 miles, my first triathlon, and the first time I stepped on a skateboard. Then, to top it off in style, I landed my dream job this month so go into 2016 excited and raring to go.

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The hardest 10 miles 

I got my arse well and truly handed to me on a plate in the first race of 2015. The cold winter air cut deep but the sun came out for the Longman10, and our tired, undertrained…

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