A Heart-Racing, Total-Body Workout

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Ever felt paralyzed by too many choices? The struggle is real. It’s how we occasionally feel about strength-training workouts. Endless possibilities with kettlebells, medicine balls, resistance bands, or TRX straps can overwhelm even seasoned gym-goers.

That’s where this workout from Jeanette Jenkins, the phenom behind Kelly Rowland’s killer body, comes in. (You might also recognize her as a featured trainer in the Nike Training Club app.)

The quick workout she designed for us requires a set of dumbbells for the rows. You can also use a set of light weights (three to five pounds) for the double-front punch if you want more of a challenge. The rest of the moves are bodyweight only. You’ll perform the entire circuit with minimal rest, and then repeat it two or three times. The goal? Finish within 15 minutes. Try a quick full-body warm-up first, then get started below.

A Heart-Racing, Total-Body Workout

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