A 35-Minute Yoga Class to Strengthen Your Legs and Butt

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There’s nothing like that stretched-out, super-relaxed feeling you get after an hour of moving to the rhythm of our breath during a yoga class. But in some faster-paced, it’s easy to forget about proper alignment during each pose.

In this video, you’ll revisit the core standing postures that are fundamental to any practice. Certified yoga instructor Rocky Heron leads you through exercises and drills that help enhance stability in various poses, from warrior II to tree. His soothing voice points out little tweaks that make a big difference in each asana, helping you build stronger muscles in your legs and glutes, prepare for backbends, and of course, achieve that blissed-out, peaceful feeling when time’s up.

All you need is a mat and, if you have them, a couple of yoga blocks.

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