From Gold’s to Planet Fitness: The Importance of Gym Culture


The equipment in your gym doesn’t matter.

Sorry bro, but your favorite squat rack, sled, barbell, and battling rope are mere accessories to the one thing that every great gym has. 

It’s that secret sauce that turns a gym into the gym. 

I’m talking about gym culture. 

Gym culture is the feel of the room: walk through the door and you’re fired up to train. It motivates you to push that much harder, and it leaves you excited to come back the next day.

It keeps you hungry for progress and inspired to unlock your full potential.

But most gyms don’t have a great culture.

Sure, they’ve got the weights, the plates, the bars, the bells. But there’s no drive, no fire, no eye of the tiger.

Walk into a gym with a great culture, and you’ll progress. Walk into one with poor gym culture and you’ll hit plateaus.

The Gold Standard



Gold’s Gym in Venice, California is “The Mecca of Bodybuilding.” And for good reason. The culture is second to none.

“The atmosphere breeds hard work, determination, and results. If you’re training there, it’s because you crush weight and build a killer physique.

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