Greatist Got a Brand New Look!


Why It Was Time for Greatist to Get a New Look

For a long time, the greatest thing about Greatist has been the voice of our articles.

Our intention has always been to write unreasonably high-quality content: Every fact is cited by a scientific study, every article is approved by at least two experts if it needs it, and everything is triple-checked and verified by our amazing team of in-house editors.

But that’s really how everyone should do it, even if ultimately too few do.

To me, the real reason our content has stood out is its authenticity. Our articles are non-judgemental, open-minded, positive, realistic, empowering, and then some. I haven’t written or edited anything on Greatist in years—so I just get to be grateful for them! Our voice is the exact opposite of what so many traditional media outlets, celebs, and companies have been selling for decades. Because the truth is you don’t need six-pack abs to be happy. (Trust me, I got them once to find out.)

After working closely with the inspiring folks at Red Antler (they’re the best) for most of this year, we finally get to share a brand spankin’ new Greatist. It’s not really a rebranding, but an evolution of our experience to finally catch up to what we stand for. What’s that?…

What do you think?