Now that the London Marathon has put me out of my misery for the third time, I feel like I can get on with my life and properly plan my winter training playtime.

I LOVE autumn and winter training. I love it when the seasons change and the air gets crisp, I love it when the trees coat the ground in a crunchy blanket of orange and red. I love wrapping up warm in my winter running gear and braving the elements up on the Downs.

These are the best seasons to run in, no doubt about it.

Just look at that sunset. I didn’t have to stay up past 10 for that badboy, that was 6:30 last week. Autumn rocks. Fact.

FitBits | Brighton beach sunset | copyright Tess Agnew

I decided to make 2016 a marathon-free year after my strong finish at Brighton this April, but entered the London ballot anyway because, well, it’s basically the law. And if I had got in, I would’ve jumped at the chance to run it, obvs.

But, not getting in is fine. Now that I can keep my no-marathon promise I can start working towards what I want to achieve in the next few months, which I can basically sum up in three words: lean, fast, strong. 

I …

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