A New Online Course Teaches Buddhist Meditation for Free

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In this video, Sonia Jones, Sonima’s founder, sits down with David Germano, Ph.D., a professor of religious studies and the director of the Contemplative Sciences Center at the University of Virginia, to discuss the school’s newest online course on Buddhist meditation in the modern world. The six-week program—led by Germano and fellow UVA professor Kurtis Schaeffer, Ph.D., author of nine books and co-editor of Sources of Tibetan Tradition, the largest anthology of Tibetan literature in English—is open to all, not just UVA students, and will be completely free.

The course will focus on how Buddhist meditation is currently being studied in scientific circles and adapted in secular settings, such as law, businesses and the performance arts. Students will learn how to become more mindful of their internal life and cultivate their own feelings as well as pay closer attention to their empathy and compassion for others. All 12 units of the course will be available for your instant learning starting in June.

To find out more or sign up, visit Coursera.org.

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