Nap Anywhere Thanks to This Genius Hoodie


Napping Hoodie

Photo: Hypnos Hoodie

There are few things we love more than naps, but it’s not so easy to zonk out away from your bed. At least it wasn’t, until some clever designers created Hypnos, the nap-anywhere hoodie. The zip-up sweatshirt has an inflatable pillow inside the hood that blows up with just a few puffs.

The hoodie seems like the inevitable next step in the be-comfy-anywhere athleisure movement—the Snuggie 2.0 if you will. But it’s backed up by some impressive industrial design that’s ergonomic, functional, and (most importantly) hidden. So you can wear it on the plane, to brunch, or out at a bar and be subtle about the fact that you’re stashing a super comfy pillow inside.

The bad news? Hypnos is still in its Kickstarter phase (it already crushed its $30,000 fundraising goal), but you can fork over $49 to pre-order. So you’ll have to wait a few months before you can properly pass out in public.

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