The Crazy Things Food Stylists Use to Make Meals Look Delicious


The food you see in magazines and on billboards looks unbelievably delicious for a reason. Burgers are seared to perfection and drink glasses are always frosted. What is this sorcery, you ask? The Guardian spoke with a number of food stylists, and while their tricks make food ready for its close-up, it’s rarely edible.

The milk in that Frosted Flakes ad is probably glue, and chances are those burritos in the Taco Bell commercial are perfectly plump thanks to instant mashed potatoes. The message here: Don’t trust everything you see, and don’t feel bad if your cereal looks soggy and your burrito a bit deflated. (At least you still have Instagram filters.)

And if you want to find out what food stylists use WD-40 and shaving cream for, check out the full story.

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