You Won't Believe How Many People Are Having Sex at the Gym


Do you want to get fit and find love in 2016? Some people kill two birds with one stone. In a recent survey of 2,000 Brits, a quarter admitted to having sex at the gym. Even more steamy: About a fifth of those gymgoers have hooked up with their trainer, and another 10 percent said they always carry a condom in their gym bag because, you know, “just in case.”

How exactly does one entice another to get it on at the gym? More than half of men said they use the lat pulldown machine (nice, bro) to attract potential partners while women said they prefer the elliptical machine.

This number isn’t representative of the whole population, but, still… maybe “going to the gym” is the new Netflix and chill in the U.K.

(h/t The Independent)

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