27 Breakfast Quinoa Recipes That’ll Make You Forget All About Oatmeal

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Cold mornings call for a warm, hearty, flavorful breakfast. But sometimes oats can feel too heavy, waffles too time-intensive, and scrambled eggs just… boring. Sure, we can pop some bread in the toaster and call it a day, but there’s a better option.

While quinoa is commonly served as a side dish or protein-packed salad topper, it’s ideal for a.m. fare too. Suitable for both sweet and savory moods and easy to throw together in minutes, breakfast quinoa is pretty much the perfect weekday morning meal—even when it’s not served oatmeal-style.

Sweet Bowls

Dark Chocolate Quinoa Breakfast Bowl

Photo: Minimalist Baker

1. Chocolate Banana Breakfast Quinoa

Who doesn’t love eating chocolate for breakfast? We sure do, which is why we created this cocoa-infused recipe. Sweetened with honey, mashed banana, and vanilla extract, it tastes like a decadent dessert but makes for an awesome pre- or post-workout snack or e…

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